Intelligent movement for your body & mind

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About Laura Hausler | Pilates and Scoliosis


Intelligent movement for your body & mind

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“My goal is to provide balanced movement sessions where my clients are able to listen to their body and experience results during their Pilates session. These results are a combination of skills I teach my clients and my various movement techniques. My goal is to offer clients an environment that allows them to reach their goals and beyond. To essentially become experts in movement through Pilates.”

– Laura Hausler
Owner of Pilates & Scoliosis

Pilates and Scoliosis with Laura Hausler


Laura Hausler lives in Seattle, Washington. Her love of movement and passion to care for people inspired her to focus her business on individual training.

Working one on one with clients has allowed her to personalize the movement journey for her clients. Because of the variety of her skills she works with a wide array of ages and experiences.

Her positive teaching style and balanced approach to session design set her work apart. 

Laura lives with Scoliosis and has combined her training, research, and experience into her own workshops to working with clients with Scoliosis.

In addition to her workshops, she is a SmartSpine Educator and offers training for the SmartSpine Wellness System.


Laura is a Certified Pilates Teacher through The Pilates Method Alliance and Balanced Body Pilates.
She is a certified SmartSpine Wellness System Academy and Ambassador. And she has completed the foundations training for Spiral Stabilization Method. 


Her teaching began in 2013 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She worked with her mentor and friend Sydney Craig, owner of Pilates Tonic, during and after her training. Her Pilates experience became her passion when she received immediate relief from her Scoliosis caused back pain using modified Pilates and the SmartSpine Wellness System. Laura went on to complete her Comprehensive Pilates Training with Balanced Body. She trained with master trainers Jennifer Gianni and Casey Herdt at Fusion Pilates Studio in Asheville, NC. Their innovative work highly influenced her approach to reading bodies in movement and helping people find ease while doing Pilates. Movement training tools that describe Laura’s work are Pilates, gentle core training, fascial stretching, acupressure, resistance training, and somatic skills.

Prior to her training in Pilates Laura studied studio art, most notably at the Florence Academy of Art focusing on studying forms from nature, including the figure.

To add to her experience Laura has attended as much Professional Pilates continuing educatoion as possible since her training began. Highly influential trainings have been:

Studying and apprenticing with Sydney Craig 2013-2015, Sydney is a Smart Spine Educator, Fascial Stretch Therapist, and Restorative Movement Teacher

attending and modeling for Marie Jose Blom-Lawrence inventor and owner of SmartSpine Wellness System, and Soma Inc Scolisois Workshop in 2014

Earning PMA certification in 2018

attending Pilates Adaptations for Scoliosis with Hagit Berdishevsky 2018

completing the SmartSpine Teach and Treat Practicum with Cathy Moses Baldasserini 2019, to become a SmartSpine educator.

Currently , 2020 Laura is completeing a B.S in Kinesiology program through Concorida Unvserity Chicago along side her work.

Fun facts, Laura’s younger years were fully occupied with athletics. She was an avid volleyball player, participating in maticulous training and traveling teams as a young person. She set a record for in aces and serves in a game by serving an entire game of a match. Later Laura coached young atheletes traveling volleyball teams back in 2005.

When she’s not in the studio she’s likely writing, hiking, or spending time with her husband and dog.

Smart Spine Seal of Approval Academy | Pilates and Scoliosis
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher | Pilates and Scoliosis
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher | Pilates and Scoliosis
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher | Pilates and Scoliosis


“Laura easily combines her thorough understanding of movement with an intuitive
understanding of how the body works and what it needs. This results in personalized
selection of exercises each session.”

I have been working with Laura for almost a year and have enjoyed every moment of it! She is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she is doing that it is inspiring and a joy to work with her each and every Pilates visit.

I have really progressed in a short period of time and my body feels much better for it. Laura is a very personable individual and I always look forward to a session with her.

I am so grateful for the work Laura is doing with Scoliosis!