Mindfulness Resources


This little update is a simple reminder that a broad perspective toward mindfulness is immensely freeing for your movement and wellness practices. Joseph Pilates said,

It is the mind itself that builds the body

There are many different mindfulness practices! It’s quite easy to find guided meditations to help you prepare for the day or to recharge after a long one. I have always felt that mindfulness contributed to my physical health and I have noticed this with clients as well.

As an athlete I would use visualization to picture proper execution or peace during intense competitive moments. As an artist I used visual observation to connect my hands and tools to what I could see and create. Now, in my movement practice I use mindfulness and visualization to promote healing and stability for my body and others. Without mindfulness to address health challenges I can honestly say I’d be up a creek without a paddle.

As a movement professional I would love if all of my clients had a mindfulness practice as part of their journey toward wellness and healing. No matter our goals our mind-body self care is essential. Joseph Pilates felt that one couldn’t be well without the others - mind, body, and spirit. In addition, to your movement practice promoting this connection between the three, remember to make time to simply be present.

You can explore mindfulness in many ways. Here is a link to University of Massachusetts Mindfulness Medical Institute , The Oasis Institute of Mindfulness. Where you can find a myriad of medically trained mindfulness practitioners.