Lengthened Spine Pilates

Email me to receive a full list of Exercises Hopefully, this will encourage teachers and movers alike to explore a more full-body approach that builds core strength in non-flexion movements for clients living with Scoliosis. My Suggestion Our goal is to try to see the spine in relation to all [...]

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Teaching Clients with Scoliosis 101

  Keep it Simple This always helps you get started, no matter your goal My suggestions on approaching scoliosis: While working with a client with scoliosis it is important to remember that everyone is different. What will communicate best to each client will be very individually based on their curves, [...]

Discovering the Zone in Pilates as a former athlete

 The way I experience Pilates reminds me of the experiences of "the Zone" as a former athlete. The more I think about this, the more I consider that the mind-body connections I find in Pilates are either incredibly similar to my experience with the "athletic Zone" or they are literally [...]

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On the Move

 I'm Relocating to Seattle Area! My husband and I are excited to be heading to the Pacific Northwest! I am looking forward to exploring a new location.

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Embracing the Curves Workshop, Marie José Blom-Lawrence

Why SmartSpine means so much to me Back in 2014, I attended  Mari-José Blom's workshop that explores Scoliosis and Pilates. She shared her approach and invention Smart Spine System Wellness System and its application for Scoliosis. I was a demonstration model for parts of the 2-day workshop. It's fantastic to [...]

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Pilates and Scoliosis with Laura Hausler

Laura Hausler lives in Seattle, Washington. She focuses on individual Pilates training, Scoliosis workshops, and offers training in the SmartSpine™ Wellness System.

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