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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be sent 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the entire session.

Traffic will not be accepted as an excuse for missed appointments. Space use is scheduled and has been paid for by the business.

Thank you for planning accordingly.

appointment types



  • PILATES -  Pilates exercises for a deep and challenging workout


  • SMART SPINES offer movement ease and fluidity that has lasting effects. Their warmth also helps increase proprioception.

  • DELIBERATE FLOW -Deliberate Pilates with patterning of movements that will include pausing and adjusting posture.


  • ASSESSMENT - Analysis of the lateral deviations and rotation patterns of the spine in relationship to the entire body.

  • SMART SPINE BREATH WORK - Smart Spine System protocol for helping clients learn Core Connections & Scoliosis movement.

  • SPINE SELF CORRECTIONS - Learning to maintain postural muscular adjustments during movement or poses will improve overall posture and body control. Aiding clients in defying our greatest goal of standing tall & with ease in the midst of gravity.

  • PILATES MODIFIED - Pilates Principles applied to safe biomechanics for Scoliosis

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Explanation of the Benefits for Scoliosis

I do not claim to "correct" scoliosis curves.  Scoliosis is a dynamic posture, and muscle control is essential to living with scoliosis. My goal is to help clients learn breathing, stretching, and strengthening that is safe and can have a reduction in the rotations that effect the Cobb angle. I have experienced this in my own spine. These rotations vary depending on a persons routine in life, and learning to manage “tightness” and “posture” and gaining body awareness is a tremendous effort that can help manage body discomfort.

Personal dedication and awareness will determine benefit. I focus on making my clients their own experts by sharing all the I can with them and in turn giving them the physical language their mindbody has been looking for.

 There are various types of scoliosis and not all respond the same way.

*I will always refer any cases beyond my scope of practice to local Physical Therapy specializing in scoliosis care with SEAS and Schroth method certifications. 


Further Questions? Interested in personal research ?

Research has provided solid feedback and movement professionals have helped realize the potential within the body to create positive compensation patterns.

SOSORT has established research based standards for treatment and curve reduction for scoliosis. Please read

Please contact me with any further questions regarding my experience with scoliosis.