Inspiration for Movement

An introduction to movement through visual and practical drawings and text. This book could be for clients or teachers.

This book helped me to remember and explore what I enjoy about movement. John Doulliard has trained Olympic athlete and using his perspective as a thought comparison is an interesting experience for deciding how you like to move.

This thought provoking book by Dr. Caldwell will bring you into a deeper sense of considering and connecting with your body.

Dr. Jahnke’s writing demystifies and provides practical simple motions for wellbeing. I particularly love the images in this book, and how he introduces easy positions such as sitting, standing, and laying down. The steps are practical and safe for feeling rejuvenated. Would recommended to everyone.

The vagus nerve and how our bodies are managing various body issues is a concept well worth exploring. I found this book enjoyable, informative and digestible. Would recommend to everyone.

While this text is meant for practitioners, it could also assist the practiced mover or person looking to understand the why behind some rehabilitation movements. Trainers who have been focusing on Gait and functional exercises will certainly enjoy this book.

Dr. Key is a DPT  I truly admire and her book Freedom To Move is a pivotal piece of literature for the movement practitioners working in Spine pathology work. This text could also be immensely helpful to clients who want to self educate during their healing process.

This important approachable book helps us explore how we relate to our bodies and our experiences. I recommend this book to everyone.

Dr. Suzzane Martin’s book is ground breaking in sharing with movement practitioners of all levels the important mechanics of the spine with Asymmetry. This text is a must for practitioners working with clients living with Scoliosis.

This read will challenge and reveal how is becoming even more necessary as time keeps moving for science to catch up and rethink the foundations of Biomechanics. Recommending this one more for practitioners

This book is a guide for the intuitive body folks out there, and those looking to connect with the energetic aspect of the body. Recommending this to everyone.

This book needs a little introduction. The material, visuals, and anatomical training in this text are a must for the modern understanding of anatomy. This book is a practitioner level, but I would absolutely recommend it to everyone.

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