Continuing Education Opportunities for Movement Professionals

3 Training Sessions + Laura’sWorkbook 

$ 240.00

Together we will consider a way to work with clients that works for you and gains results!

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Online Scoliosis Teacher Training

I have taken my in-person 1-day workshop and created an online offering.

This training package includes my manual and a 3  online training sessions.

Private Pilates Session | Pilates and Scoliosis with Laura Hausler

In Studio Pilates & Scoliosis Workshop Description

A one day workshop providing Pilates strategies that will recharge how you approach working with clients living Scoliosis.

  • A new understanding of spring tension loads for clients with Scoliosis so you avoid injury and promote lengthen & strength around the spine.
  • Develop a focus on customizing your sessions instead of relying on a “one size fits all” method.
    Learn to see the body with Scoliosis as an integrative whole. You will learn to use the Pilates exercises you already know an established testing tool for the entire body and working through the effects of scoliosis for your client.
  • Learn to utilize the SmartSpine in your approach to Pilates session for clients with Scoliosis

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      “Laura blew us all away with her depth of knowledge on the body, intuition, problem soliving skills and gift of touch. She is ahead of her time with her approach to Scoliosis and we highly recommend you get this woman in your studio, she is amazing. Thank you Laura! We can’t wait to have you back!”

– Ara Pilates & Movement  co-owner,  CPT  Missoni Lanza

    “Last weekend I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Laura Hausler at ARA Pilates and Movement in Indian Wells, CA.  I was told that Laura would be an amazing and informative speaker and that she specializes in Pilates clients that have Scoliosis.  I had recently acquired two clients, one with a new diagnosis and one who has lived with Scoliosis for 40 plus years.  I was excited to see what I could do/learn to better help these clients. Within five minutes of meeting Laura, I was so thrilled that I decided to attend this workshop.  Her energy, positive spirit, and charisma is just fabulous.  Add all that to the fact that she is a wealth of information and knowledge.  The workshop lasted five hours.  None of us even wanted a break, we just wanted to keep learning. Some of the highlights of the workshop were walking in and receiving a manual that allowed us to take notes and follow along with the course.  The manual included great tips on everything from how to properly interview a client with Scoliosis, how to properly position a client while standing, seated, side-lying, prone and supine, and the best part was the list of exercises that work best to include in a session on all the different apparatus used in Pilates.  It was the perfect amount of discussion and hands on exercises and movement. Laura creates an atmosphere that allows you to ask questions, videotape when appropriate, and impart knowledge on you in a way that leaves you wanting more.  The most terrific thing so far, when I got back to my studio my client allowed me to work with her and send information to Laura to ask for further assistance for working with my specific client. Literally, within minutes of receiving my email, Laura responded and helped me to create a session specific to my client’s needs.  In my opinion, Laura is a great example of a consummate professional. Thank you, Laura! I look forward to learning more from you in the future. “

–  Workshop Attendee