Workshops & Instructor training


Laura’s passion and empathy sets her apart when it comes to working with clients living with Scoliosis.

a few of many things you can expect from Laura’s Pilates& Scoliosis workshops

  • A day of exploration into the Pilates Principals you know and love through the perspective of proper biomechanics for Scoliosis.

  • Increased ability to determine the best starting point for various clients. You will leave able to customize your sessions instead of relying on a “one size fits all” method.

  • A new understanding of spring tension loads with clients with Scoliosis to avoid injury and promote lengthen & strength around the spine.

  • A high level focus on learning to see the body with Scoliosis as an integrative whole by using the Pilates exercises you already know as the established testing tool.

What to expect from mentoring

  • Getting into the details of anatomy and the beauty of Pilates at a deeper level so you can truly explore the potential of your prior Pilates Certification.

  • Collaborative problems solving for your new/established teacher practice.

  • Tips to continually keep your teaching sessions fresh and addressing clients openly while staying in tune with the Pilates you know and love.

Laura is such a wonderful lady with tremendous knowledge and tons of experiences with pilates for curvy(scoliosis) people, and she’s so passionate about the practice we do together. What I appreciate most is that she explains and passes all her knowledge to me in every situation, and repeats them in so many interesting ways so that I understand. I am so grateful and feel so lucky to know her