Mindfulness Resources

A simple and broad perspective toward mindfulness is immensely freeing for your movement and wellness practices. Joseph Pilates said,

It is the mind itself that builds the body

There are so many mindful practices! I enjoy this Spotify channel of guided meditation to help me prepare for the day and to recharge. I included a worksheet to help you add visualizations.

As an athlete I used visualization to picture my success and peace during stressful plays or intense competitive moments. As an artist I used visual observation to connect my hands and tools with what I could see. In my movement practices I use visualization to picture my goals and promote healing and stability for my body.

As a movement professional I can share with you that I have seen successes and healing for my students who also care for themselves internally!


the link below will work for Spotify App


Our awareness & experiences effect the mind and body. Energy clearing meditation can be a wonderful addition to your practices.