Private Pilates 

Consultation   $45.00     30 minute required initial session  

  • An opportunity to ask questions about your objectives.

  • The time for an initial movement assessment to best design future sessions.

Private Sessions  $80.00    55 minutes with specific design based on alignment and goals       

  • designed around postural assessment, wellness needs, and goals

  • Examples of goals:

    • full body fitness

    • breath training

    • looking to learn a mindful movement

    • needing a modified and supportive exercise method

    • trying out Pilates for wellbeing

    • managing muscle tightness

    • gaining new alignment

    • learn new movement skills

    • build core strength

    • building back strength, awareness, and support

    • improving hip strength

  • Client goals will overlap during most sessions and whole body attention will always be the prime focus.

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Includes Consult, & 2 Private Sessions

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