Pilates Sessions

Consultation $45.00 | 30 minute

Private Pilates $80.00 | 55 minutes

SmartSpine Sessions

SmartSpine 60 minutes | $115.00
SmartSpine 30 minutes | $60.00

What can we work on in a Private Session?


Breath training

Mindful movement

Supported Exercises

Managing tightness

Gaining new alignment

Core strength

Pilates for wellbeing

What is a Private Session?

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Private Pilates Session | Pilates and Scoliosis with Laura Hausler

SmartSpine Sessions

SmartSpine 60 minutes | $115.00
SmartSpine 30 minutes | $60.00

Private SmartSpine Session with Laura Hausler | Pilates and Scoliosis

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SmartSpine Sessions are a great way to align your body using Pilates-based movement and the heated SmartSpine Kit.

The lovely protocol allows you to use the movements you already know to get relief in area of tightness or discomfort to make sure that you can keep moving. SmartSpine has been a game-changer for clients with chronic tightness from poor posture, hip pain, plantar fasciitis, neck pain from whiplash, scoliosis, ect.

Sessions are designed to be very gentle with effective outcomes. There are different length appointments for your convenience.