Skills for Intelligent Movement 

Modified Pilates 

Part of learning Pilates is gaining the specific mind-body connections through the movements. Introductory level movements can be applied to proper biomechanics for an individual in specific trouble areas for their movement life. Modified pilates has the option of breaking down the traditional exercises and then piecing them back together. This also opens up pilates as venue of movement to populations of people who might otherwise have to avoid pilates. Modified sequences still utilize the sequencing logic behind Pilates in order to balanced and unified movement for the student.


Gentle fascial and isometric stretching techniques are utilized to gently guide you toward balance with great care toward safe range of motion. Specific focus is given to how the anterior (front), posterior (back), and lateral (side) fascial lines of the body effect your Pilates movements and everyday life.

Somatic Focus

Through a somatic focus you will enjoy simple guided movements with a focus on bone rhythms, imagery, and cuing. Using this internal sense of movement during Pilates creates a strong association from the brain to muscles that results in improved  alignment and ease of movement. Pilates equipment is one of the most direct ways to learn to sense your body in movement. One of the lovely results of using a somatic approach is the resulting positive feedback the body enjoys from having time to focus on movement for sensation. It’s a great way to learn to enjoy exercise again or recover from injury.

SmartSpine Wellness System

This system is apart of most sessions. It is a generous tool grounded in recent research in the field of fascia. The SmartSpine system uses heat,  practitioner pressure, Pilates movement,  and Pilates equipment. The different kit pieces use the body’s fascial system as an effective delivery tool to create improved movement potential. This system is a skill specific & Somatic technique addressing alignment and muscle imbalance. It offers improved breath capacity and movement  ease and fluidity that has lasting effects. Their warmth also helps increase proprioception. Deliberate Pilates flow sessions work perfectly with the SmartSpines. This style session will include pausing and adjusting posture and result in better alignment.

Body Awareness

This aspect of movement combines your own body experience with awareness of how you are moving in space. Moving with a higher level body awareness is an empowering experience for everyone! Our minds love it! Clients can make some health changes simply by increasing this area of their wellness practice. Pilates equipment & Laura’s other training techniques all fall under the umbrella of reaching into a deeper understanding of your own body. 


Pilates props assist in building a felt sense called proprioception that is necessary for body awareness and benefirfial exercise. Clients experiencing weakness, tightness, or imbalance gain relief from the addition of a prop to an exercise. Props are also be used to strengthen under used muscles or add challenge to a session. Using props is a contemporary practice and it can bring insight to areas where people have been discouraged and offer opportunity. 

Breath Work

Simple breath techniques are easy to learn and wonderful for use everyday use. Our Diaphragm is the natural release tool for our tight low back or over used abdominals! Breathing has the ability to relieve muscle tension and create comfort all the way to our feet. Combined with postural awareness and Pilates exercises breathing is vital part of core training. You will feel centered and balanced by including breathing techniques into your life. This is a wonderful skill for everyone to learn because of our collective cultural tightnesses in the body. It is an essential technique for those living with Kyphosis, Lordosis, or Scoliosis. I’d love to share these with you. 

Pilates Fitness 

Pilates is an excellent fitness level experience for those looking for a mindful training.  Pilates has a feeling of many modalities mixed into it and can have a playful gymnastic like experience. This approach concentrates on creating incremental development in strength and flexibility using the Pilates repertoire.  Pilates equipment uses springs to add to your bodies ability to build strength and activate muscles isometrically and eccentrically to create lean muscles, abdominal strength, back strength, and strong sense of balance. You will learn all the different postures in Pilates and bring strength and finesse to your movement. Pilates is able to cross train for balanced muscle patterns from sports like golf, tennis, volleyball, baseball, ect. Pilates is also used world wide to cross train dancers to gain stability and proper biomechanical movement. Laura is a former volleyball coach, volleyball player, and swimmer.