laura’s training background




My training was 2013-2014 with Balanced Body Master trainers Jennifer Gianni and Casey Herdt at Fusion Pilates Studio in Asheville, NC. Their work highly influenced my approach to seeing bodies in movement and helping people find ease while doing the challenging work of Pilates.

During my training I had the joy of working in a very open and progressive studio, Pilates Tonic in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was able to merge Pilates with beneficial additional wellness practices to broaden the accessibility of Mindful Movement and Pilates. My goal is always to respect the body and provide the best session to benefit clients for everyday life.

My exposure to Marie José Blom-Lawrence’s SmartSpine System for Wellness has been apart of my entire journey with Pilates. This system played the largest role in my personal practice for well being and my work with clients who live with tightness in their body, varying therapeutic needs, and Scoliosis. I had the joy of being a demonstration model at one of her workshops in 2014, and the pleasure of having the opportunity to become one of Smart Spines Educator.

I maintain a personal movement practice, pursue continuing education, and keep up with research.

In October 2018 I completed an intensive workshop  “Pilates Adaptations for People with Scoliosis Supporting the Teachings of the Schroth Method”. This workshop was designed to bring collaboration between Physical Therapists and Pilates Professionals. Pole Star Pilates Master instructor and DPT Lise Stolze, presented the latest research on the condition of Scoliosis and the benefits of movement applied to the latest research. DPT and Schroth Therapist trainer, Dr. Hagit Berdishevsky, presented some basic Schroth elements and a plethora of recent spine research in this workshop as well. I had the joy of also benefiting from modeling for this workshop to collaborate with other professionals and share knowledge of moving with my own Scoliosis. I highly recommend both of their Physical Therapy practices and you can find their websites on my Scoliosis Resources tab.

My specific interest in Scoliosis is because I live with Scoliosis in my body. It effects my whole body not just the spine, and intelligent movement has been vital to living a happy life for my health. You can check out some writing I’ve done for Balanced Body.

I am CPR certified through HSI.

Fun Facts

I am a Fine Artist by education focusing on figurative and anatomical drawing from life observation. And a former athlete and coach for volleyball.

When I’m not in the studio I enjoy spending time with my husband and dog hiking.

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