My Goal

I want to keep people moving.  I believe mindful movement and proper body mechanics during movement is the best route to well being in our bodies. I hope that working with me will allow people to achieve mind body connections, physical transformation, and the workout they desire.


Who enjoys my approach to Pilates?

 Anyone who wants to try pilates, those exercising with scoliosis, those looking for a fresh approach to pilates, athletes wanting to train mindfully, people who practice different mind body modalities and want to add something new.  I love working with  beginners  to experienced movers.

Tools In My Practice

Modified Pilates &  Pilates Principles 

Pilates is the work of Contrology, created by Joseph Pilates. I make it an aim to teach pilates in its entirety and to teach in a way that communicates the principals/basics of pilates. 

Part of learning Pilates is gaining the specific mind-body connections through the movements. This is so fun to do while breaking down the traditional exercises and then piecing them back together. This also opens up pilates as venue of movement to populations of people who might otherwise have to avoid pilates. 

Body Awareness 

Teaching clients to combine their own anatomical knowledge with awareness of movement.


Using props to help build proprioception and awareness of the space they live in. 

Breath Work

Approaching  the Breath as a tool for awareness and release work in muscles to create skeletal comfort. 


I use gentle isometric stretching techniques to help educate clients on their personal range of motion so they can experience better balance in their body. Particular focus is given to front and back body tightnesses created by our modern lifestyles.

Somatic Approach

I encourage a combination of feeling, sensing, and creating strong mental connection to muscular awareness that results in improved internal dialogue with your body.  It is "somatic" in the sense that the learning happens within the individual as an internalized process. I simply help guide you through movements.