Thank you for your interest in hosting a workshop! I'm excited to connect with you and tailor the outline below to your studio, team, & community.


workshop includes


short intro lecture, workbook per student, demonstration, guided exercise, reflections

  • Select 1/2 day or FULL day event. 

  • *Prices very depending on Travel and Studio Rental Fees

  • *Cadillac and Reformer preferred for demonstration purposes

You will see and feel the movements demonstrated. We will cover basic anatomical occurring in the body with Scoliosis during each movement.

I want you to walk away knowing how  to tell you are making progress with your scoliosis clients. 


-Postural patterns/ Rotation and translation

-Scope of practice

-Things to ask

-Words to avoid

-Release work and movement

-Keeping open perspective

-Core connection

- Diagonals through the body & feeling their use for scoliosis

-Propping in seated position

-Breathing makeover

-Elevator imagery work using diagonal connection

-Using this connection in Scapular glide position 2 arms forward and 1 arm side seated ( while maintaining elevator imagery )

Connecting supine

-propping - 2 options


- Knee folds

-Ankle weights leg slides

-Pelvic stretches -piriformis /it

-Ab work

-Mid back connection

-use of all these connections on the reformer

-stretching hamstrings

Side lying

-propping & postural discussion

-Leg work


-Propping and spotting discussion

-Abdominal release work for the back



Pelvic tork discussion

Gentle stretching: Hip flexors/psoas

After taking a journey through varying positions and finding balance we will tie it all back together by ending with standing reflections to share with your clients.